Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Curriculum, It's Where I've Been =)

Wow! Where is the Summer going?
Forget the days, the weeks are flying by!
I purposed this Spring to diligently plan ahead for next school year.
I did this so that I could relax this Summer.
Well, I'm glad I planned, but...
I'm busier than ever. =)
I have come across new school materials that I just couldn't pass up.
This in turn has taken more of my time.
Organizing, lesson planning, learning new material,
It's how my days go by.

Now, don't get me wrong,
I really enjoy preparing for school.
I've just been surprised how much more
Prep is needed the higher grades we enter into.
Or maybe it's because I keep adding students. =)
Probably a combination of both.

And so for those who get as excited as I do
About planning for another year,
Here is what I am looking to do:

Math- We will continue with Singapore Math
Singapore Math
Language Arts- this year we are changing our curriculum:
     Grammar- Easy Grammar with Daily Grams
Easy Grammar grade 6
     Writing- Institute for Excellence in Writing
IEW-Institure for Excellnce in Writing  Another contender for next year
Spelling- Phonetic Zoo
Charlotte's review of Phonetic Zoo spelling program.  (started around age 10)
My Father's World- Rome to the Reformation for numbers one and two
MFW Rome to the Reformation

My Father's World- First Grade
for number three
My Father's World 1st grade.     which includes a bi-monthly science class with friends

Institute for Excellence in Writing PAL for number three

Typing- Typing Instructor

Spanish- Rosetta Stone
Finish Rosetta Stone
Science- still thinking/praying about
Bible- still thinking/praying about
Art- bi-montly classes with Gramma

This is a TON of stuff!
How will I do it all?
I'm not totally sure, but I'm coming up with a plan. =)
I worked on a schedule today,
Scheduling out what everyone will be working on
When and where.
Of course, only time and practice will tell if it really works.
More than likely, there will be some necessary adjustments,
But I always love to have a game plan to work off of.

Although I've been busy with all this planning,
I am thankful I have had the extra time to work on it.
The warm, sunny days are always a bonus too!
One of these days So. Oregon will warm up enough to
Do my planning by the pool. =)

Hope you're all having a GREAT Summer!

Because of Jesus,


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  1. You go, girl! This is awesome! IEW is great material. I'm really enjoying working through it. I'm going to be planning a parent practicum going through the IEW Teaching Writing: Structure & Style, which teaches the method behind all the IEW materials. If you haven't gone through the program and would like to, I'll let you know when we're going to do it. It'll either be a one or two evening meeting.


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