Friday, July 6, 2012

Finding Joy in Disappointments

How do disappointments affect you?
I know for me a change in plans,
Schedule, or expectations used to prove,
Well, disappointing, some times very disappointing.

Fortunately, I am growing, at least I hope that's what it is.
The Lord continues to change me, for much change is needed.
I can remember situations in the past where
The unexpected happened.
These changes would be so disappointing to me
That I would find myself wishing for what wasn't
And robbing myself and those around me of joy.

For example, when my children would get sick,
Changing the course of our day, I would throw
Myself a pity party wishing for what wasn't.
I wanted to be doing what I thought we were suppose to be doing.

In all honesty, I still can get disappointed when
Unforeseen things happen.
But, I am now trying to find the good in it.
So this time, when my kids recently got sick,
I looked for ways to redeem the time.
Yes, I had errands to run and places outside my home to be,
But I sought to use the time I had at home
To the fullest.
Maybe it's just because I am busier at home these days,
But I actually found myself happy to have the time at home.
I was able to get so much done!
In between refilling juice cups, handing out popsicles,
And changing DVDs, I was able to clean my house,
Get all the laundry done, and work on school projects.

You know, it finally dawned on me,
That the Lord is the One who allows all things in my life.
If that is so, when I complain about my situation
I am complaining against Him
And what He allowed for me at that time.
Will I whine and complain of my lot?
Or will I, by His grace and strength, say,
"Lord, not my will, but yours be done.
This situation is not what I had in mind, but I know
You allowed it.
What is it that you would have for me to do this day?"

May we be flexible to His plan
Knowing He sees the big picture.
He allows all things to work together for good,
To them that love Him, to them who are the
Called according to His purpose.
Romans 8:28

Because of Jesus,


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