Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Name Is Hope

Getaways are something special.
Time to relax.
Time to eat good food, prepared by someone else. =)
And, time to ... read!

I really do love to read a good book
but lately I have had other things
higher on the priority list.
So, when my husband and I took a little trip recently,
I grabbed a new book to take with me.

by John Mark Comer

My Name is Hope Book by John Mark Comer

This book is about a life tormented by 
anxiety and depression and yet,
by God's grace has surfaced from the hellish pit
to see hope again.

This book is not one I would normally choose.
Fortunately, I have not personally struggled with these issues.
But, I knew the author and I was
curious as to what he had experienced and
what he had to share.

Boy, was I blessed!
A book for all, I believe. And this is why-
John Mark shares the tragic statistics for those who 
struggle with anxiety and depression.
He explains the whys and hows
that can lead to this life of bondage.

After reading this book I realized that 
yes, perhaps I am blessed with the absence of this condition 
in my life, but, with some careless bad choices
or a drastic turn of events in my life,
I could find myself in the same torment so many people share.

I loved his practical advice:
- forgiving: avoiding bitterness at all costs
- be in the Word of God
- take practical care of yourself
(eating well and getting enough sleep)

This became a guide book of sorts,
a reminder of what could happen and how
to avoid it by making positive, conscience decisions.

I've been reading lately how powerful the mind is,
that all thoughts are either fear based or faith based.
How we can soar on faith thoughts 
and plummet on fear thoughts.

I'm thankful for this insightful book.
Cling to Jesus as the source of hope.
And do all to put yourself in a healthy physical state.

That's what I took away.
Let me know what you think, should you pick up 
this little treasure.

Because of Jesus,


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