Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Yipee! Gifts Given To Me

I have received the sweetest gifts recently.
I have to share some of them with you.
I have the most creative, crafty friends
That have gifted me with some of their creations.
Lucky me!!

Because I know you are going to see these and want them for yourselves,
I took it upon myself to find you some tutorials
So that you too can surround yourself with cuteness.
Your welcome- hehe.
So after I show off my friends' handiwork,
I have posted some pictures with links to sites that have
Tutorials on these projects.

Look at this super cute ironing board cover!
I don't know about you,
But common chores can become so much more enjoyable
When beauty surrounds you.
I love my new ironing board cover! The colors are perfect!

Look at these! A gathered clutch and card purse.
Love. Love.
Pulling out essentials from my purse just got funner. =)

And these! These are right up my alley!
Everyone needs and uses paper clips, and pencils,
But it's the little things, like these, that can brighten my day.
When I flip open my binder and spot this cute clip marking my space,
A little smile forms and I think,
Such a little bit of pretty, but so much better than boring black. =)
And I love needing to jot down a note with my flowering pencil.

For a tutorial on paper covered clips visit Jane's Apron and click on this picture.

For the gathered clutch, visit Noodlehead and click on the image below.

And for the ironing board cover, go to How Does She? and click on this picture-

Source: via Cami on Pinterest

Happy Crafting,


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