Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Love At Wal-Mart =)

So, I went to Wal-mart.


I know, for those who know me well,

Wal-Mart is not a place I find myself very often,

It’s actually quite rare for me ‘save money and live better’ there.

It’s just not my favorite place.

I know many of you like this super-store,

So I will leave all other comments alone. =)

Truth be told, I actually had a pleasant experience there!

Now what took me to this store in the first place?

Well, I had been wanting to do a cookie craft for some time.

I needed some of those colored chocolate wafers

That melt and are used in candy molds.

I didn’t have plans to visit our closest craft-store

(which is a half an hour away)

And I already checked our local kitchen shop

And discovered they did not carry the desired item.

So, I did it.

I went to Wal-Mart and headed to the craft aisle.

I was trying to get in and get out

So as to not experience any negative experiences that somehow usually happen.

I entered the express line behind an older woman with a big smile.

She immediately engaged my baby in a pleasant conversation.

I joined in and in the course of the conversation

Disclosed that I enjoy a drink from Dutch Bros. from time to time.

She in turn asked, “Oh, you go to Dutch Bros.?”

As I was answering in the positive,

She pulled out a free-drink card for a Dutch Bros. drink

And gave it to me!

Wow! What a sweet act of kindness from a stranger.

I can’t tell you how this made the rest of my afternoon.

It made me think of the Give Love that Ashley promotes over at La Luce.

I immediately began to think,

Small acts of kindness really can go along way!

This made me really want to purpose to look for ways to bless others.

One simple act of kindness changed my perspective concerning Wal-Mart.

Here I was, heading into the store expecting something negative to happen.

Maybe I should be the one to change the atmosphere

And seek to give love and show kindness

To the other shoppers, clerks….

I want to be the one who makes the difference in someone’s life.

I need to look for ways to be positive rather than expect the negative.

Because of Jesus,


Here's the craft I made with my Wal-Mart purchase. =)

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  1. Such a sweet story! I love these moments. And your treats look too cute. : )

  2. Thanks for sharing this story! The kids LOVED the treats, and Jon and I the card. What a special start to the year.

  3. i love this story:) so true!

    and um, who are macy,natalie and abby? your poor boys-LOL;)

  4. LOVE! This is an awesome story. :0) Thanks so much for sharing...it brought a smile to my face. I too, HEART DB's, and crafts! :0) And I have a baby and live in a small town. :0)

  5. It is crazy how something so small can make someone's day. This is such a good reminder that kindness goes a long way.

  6. Was going to ask why you don't like Wal Mart. It is a place to do just as that lady did, and I find myself doing that there. Not Dutch Bro's dinks card, but just showing kindness in attitude while I shop or wait in line. Being a friendly 'nana' I do talk to the little ones in front or in back of me, especially when Mom's are having a difficult time making it through the line wtih a fussy child.
    Loved your story and it encourages me to keep looking for ways to bless others, not matter how small it might seem.

  7. I couldn't stop laughing at first b/c I feel the same way about Wal-Mart ... I have to work up the courage to go there...lol


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