Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oreo Apple Pops

As a fun school treat, I tried to a new craft.
Key word: tried.
The picture in the magazine was oh, so cute,
and looked easy.
(did you catch that other key word? looked?!
And so, I gathered my materials,
(story on that here)
Waited for a free evening, and began.
My first attempt at inserting the popsicle stick into the Oreo
resulting in a broken cookie.
Note to self: be more gentle next time.
Next came coating the cookie in the melted chocolate.
First attempt: cookie falls off into chocolate.
This is going to be a long craft night. But by golly, I am going to do this
and have fun doing it!!!
Now insert husband to the rescue.
He aids in the coating of the cookies and huh?!
it's working for him, no complaints, but rather, much thank yous!
Now for the finishing touches.
I purposefully did not buy the healthy fruit leather
to apply for the smiles and leaves.
I bought the ones filled with additives, preservatives, and colorings.
(I was going for the look, people, not the health =))
But, alas, I still got it wrong because
after applying the bright green fruit roll up cut-outs
you can't even tell they're green!! Ahhh!
Oh well.
I was so pleased at my husband's comment after
showing him the picture I was trying to recreate.
He said, "It's probably not even food."
I totally forgot they could do that!
Use styrofoam and photo shop away?!
I'm telling myself yes and saying mine's the best
that could be done using real food. Haha!

So, my friends, this is how mine turned out.
(And my kids LOVED them. Thank you kids!)

And this is how they were suppose to look:

Totally overrated, don't you think?!

Happy Crafting,

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