Friday, August 12, 2011

Schedule Changes

School is just around the corner, or at least at Fralich Elementary, the name my home schooled boys have endearingly given their educational facility. With only a few weeks left of summer bliss and the same amount of weeks until school starts, I find my mind consumed with school preparation. When the days are scheduled, chores lined up, and menus planned, the days flow much smoother in our home.

I’ve found that the best schedules and routines are the ones that change as change occurs in the home. In the past, I loved the summer schedule I created. After breakfast the boys and I began an hour and a half routine. We worked on some summer school work for a half an hour, then we did some indoor chores for another half an hour, and finally worked on outside chores for the last half an hour. I felt like we got so much accomplished in an hour and a half and still had most of the day for play and various activities that came our way. It was wonderful. Key word, it was. As good as it was, it didn’t happen this summer, and that’s ok.

As much as I love my schedules, I am trying to remember that they are only as good as the season allows. So this fall I am trying a little something new. I have printed out each of my school-aged children a schedule with their weekly assignments. I mentioned this in my post titled School Schedules. But this year I am adding a subject: chores! Are you clapping and hurrahing with me!?! As my boys get older, our schedules get fuller. In order to keep our boat afloat and running smoothly, we all must chip in and work well together. By assigning chores on their weekly schedules, my hope is that they can see these as assignments, complete them either when they are waiting for my help or before they play in the afternoon, and then have the satisfaction of checking it off their list when the task is completed.

So, we shall see if this proves to be as successful as I am hoping it will be. If not, I will have to put my revision cap back on and make some adjustments. But for now I am excited to try this out. As we all start our various routines this fall, may we remember to be flexible and willing to make the changes needed in order to keep our homes happy, healthy, and harmonious (how’s that for alliteration!?).

Happy Planning,


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  1. So how is your chore schedule going? I'd love to hear.


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