Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bib Tutorial

My littlest one was in need of some new bibs. Being in a crafty mood of late, I decided to make some new ones instead of buying them. I'm so glad I did, too. It was easy, and fun to pick out some cute prints. I went ahead and snapped a few shots as I put this one together so that you too can make your own bibs.

Supplies: fabric of your choice, scissors, thread, sewing machine, pins,
snaps (found at craft stores).

Step 1: Draw around an existing bib you want to copy
and cut out two pieces like the picture below.
Step 2: Lay them right sides together and pin.

Step 3: Sew along the edge leaving a small opening
so that you can turn it right side out.

Step 4: Turn inside out.

Step 5: Top stitch your opening closed.

Step 6: Attach a snap by following the directions on the package.

And there you have it! You're own hand-made bib!

Happy Sewing,

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