Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First Day of School Fun

The first day of a new school year was always an exciting one for me growing up: new clothes, new notebooks, and new friends. As we have found ourselves deciding each year to home school for yet another year, I have purposed to make fun school memories for my boys. These memory-makers have taken on different looks from year to year, but hopefully all have been things the boys will remember fondly.

So this year I have a few 'first day of school' plans up my sleeve. I’ll share them with you and then you can share your fun ideas with me. I just may have to add them to my list. =)

  • Cinnamon rolls for breakfast.
  • Time capsule (this is where we record their height and weight and store the information in a toilet paper tube (the time capsule). I then hide the 'time capsules' in a hidden spot not to be discovered until the last day of school when we open them and reweigh and measure them to see how much they have grown in the school year. Really fun!
  • Love notes. Special notes to each of my students. Click here to download your own.
  • Decorate a page cover for their binders.
  • Maybe a trip to Dairy Queen after school or our local coffee stand for a yummy drink? humm, I'm liking the brainstorming here. =)
Have fun planning the 'first day back to school' for your kids!

Happy Planning!


  1. Love it! We start next Thursday...I am thinking homemade donuts and, since the weather is still so Summery, school work outside!

  2. So, fun! We might have to join you at DQ! :) I think a "self-portrait" would be fun to add to that time capsule! :)

    I am also planning a "request and revelation" time...what that means is I have the kids write down a list of things they would like to learn about or are curious about (request) and then I share an overview of some of the major topics we will be learning about throughout the year (revelation). This is a great, "anticipatory set!" It gets them excited about things to come and as we get to them in the year, they have buy in because they have been anticipating it.


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