Monday, August 7, 2017

It's OK To Let Them Play

I've had a few conversations recently about curriculum for the littles.
Although there are so many options available, 
I'd like to encourage those with littles to consider a slightly different approach.

Let the littles play. :)
Their time for being little is so short.
Their time to be in books and study will be here before you know it.
And with curriculum and schedules comes less time to simply play.

And much can be learned through play.
Thinking of others.
Thankfulness (for toys, games, activities).
Enjoyment of God's creation (at parks, in the yard, on a walk).

But these lessons take time, patience, and consistency.
In hindsight, I wish I wouldn't have jumped so quickly into math and science
And used the time instead to slow down 
And focus on character training.

By character training, I don't mean finding the best curriculum, 
(Although there are some great books to use along with good training).
But rather, I mean, slow down and 
Teach, show, and model good character skills.
Take the time now, while your littles are still young,
To watch them play and guide their interactions.

Do your children obey quickly and cheerfully?
Do they treat you and their siblings with care and concern?
Are they respectful?
Are they diligent and hard-workers?
And most importantly, do they know the love of Jesus?

Teaching your children how to obey you, 
And to respect each other as an act of love and devotion to God
Is of utmost importance, especially in the early years.
Teaching them to resolve conflict 
And be peaceable with one another
Will benefit them for a lifetime
And make a world of difference when you need to run a tighter schedule.

All these important areas become much more difficult to address
When your day's schedule is filled with math, science, and history.
As the balls you juggle increase,
So too the difficulty in keeping them in the air well.

So, for now, teach them to love God, and love others.

Because of Jesus,


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