Thursday, June 8, 2017

Scheduling Our Summer

So hopefully I've convinced you that organization is the way to go. ;)
(If you missed that post, you can find it here.)
If so, then let's start with where we're at, heading into summer!
Summer usually means a little more time.
Time to wake up a little more slowly.
Time to lounge by the pool, or picnic at the park.
Time to work on projects or read that book.
But without a little planning and organization,
Summer can also come and go
And leave you with that book unread
Or those projects left undone.

In order to accomplish more and still have fun,
I created a summer schedule.
First I filled out a 'project' page.
Click here for a free printable of the one I used.
I filled it out with everything I could think of that I hoped to get done this summer.
Honestly, I don't believe I will achieve everything on my list,
But I always accomplish more when I have a list.

After I wrote out my list I then filled out 'our summer schedule' page.
This is the one I used.
To do this I thought about what was important to me
And what I hoped to do on a fairly consistent bases.
Everyone's list will be different 
But I will show you mine to give you an idea of how I combined my two lists.

-School Planning
-Inside Chores
-Outside Chores
-Water Plants

For 'project' I refer to my 'project' page and pick something from the list based on the Amount of time I can give it that day.
Although I will not be able to follow this list every day,
It provides routine and structure which allows for more to be accomplished
Including the rarer treats like 'reading' and 'fun.'

Happy summer planning!!! Let me know how it goes!

For my previous post on planning, click here.

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