Tuesday, June 6, 2017

I *Really* Love Planning!

I really love planning.
It's probably a little ridiculous how much I love it.
I love finding fun printables.
I love color-coordinating the pages.
I love choosing pen colors as I fill them.
I love filling in the pages with detailed plans.
I kinda love the whole process.

Now, I realize that everyone is different,
Some are super organized, while others highly disorganized. 
And of course, there are those who are somewhere in the middle.
But I think it's safe to assume that everyone can benefit from a little organization.

Here's my why:
Organization helps sets goals.
Organization simplifies.
Organization clarifies.
Organization allows for the best use of time.
Organization provides structure.
Organization provides routine. 
So that...
Structure and routine help to achieve desired goals.
Yay! Can you see why I love organization?!

For my next couple of posts I'm going to share some of the ways I organize, because well, if you haven't figured it our yet, I kinda really like it. ;)

Next up: how I organized my summer schedule!

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