Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Bathrooms, Laundry, and Meal Planning, Oh My!

Yeah, so let's talk about some specific chores.
In my last post I shared with you how we go about getting our chores done.
Remember, divide, delegate, and conquer?! ;)
But how exactly do I do that with these three major chores?
I'll tell you!

(Disclaimer: this post is a little longer than my other posts. 
Some out there are wanting the details, so here it is.)

Of course this will look differently for each family.
Chores need to be done when you're home (go figure!)
So when you can tackle them will depend largely upon your schedules.
But here's ours:

Bathrooms are done every Monday. 
We have three bathrooms.
During the summer, I clean our master bathroom.
The younger boys clean the upstairs bathroom.
The older boys clean the downstairs bathroom.
During the school year when the older boys are off at school all day,
The younger boys will each take a bathroom and clean it.
We are concentrating this summer on perfecting our cleaning skills.
I am grooming the younger boys to take over for the older boys
When their schedules prevent them from helping out with chores.
This does take time and effort, 
But, from past experience, is so worth it.

My schedule for handling laundry has become a 'well-oiled machine.' ;)
I wash clothes on Mondays and Thursdays.
I wash linens and towels on Tuesdays.
We all have laundry baskets in our room 
And then I have an industrial, divided laundry basket in our laundry room.
Every Monday and Thursday we all (some have to be reminded)
Bring our laundry baskets to the laundry room.
The boys are responsible for sorting their clothes to be washed in certain loads.
I wash and dry all clothes throughout most of the morning,
Sometimes it goes into the afternoon.
For the most part I also fold the laundry.
We all hang up our shirts 
So I simply lay them on top of each other for everyone to collect later.
The rest of the clothes I fold and place on a cart with shelves
(one for each boy with the littlest's on the counter).
I really try to fold each load as it finishes so that it doesn't pile up.
If I am tight on time, I sometimes throw all the socks in a bin.
The boys are then required to find, match,
And put them away with the rest of their clothes.

On Tuesdays all sheets and towels are brought to the laundry room.
I love having only one set of sheets for each bed.
So, as soon as they are washed and dried,
They are taken to the correct beds and I make them as I have time.
The older boys are old enough now to fix their own beds.
The younger ones are learning but, bunk beds..... ;)

I love having set days for doing laundry.
Yes, I do have days when I need to throw in an extra load (football season).
But for the most part I am able to stick to three days.
What I love about this is that although I do a TON of loads on those days,
I am off the other days. 
I don't even think about laundry, knowing it will all get done... soon.

Lastly, meal planning!
This is a must for me.
Knowing what to buy at the store
And then what to cook each night is quite freeing to me.
And so, I take the time each week to plan a menu and then shop accordingly.
About a month ago my husband came up with a brilliant idea.
He told the family one night over dinner that each boy would be able to pick a meal.
The meal had to include a vegetable but otherwise they were free to choose.
I added that we could only have one of the same style dish a week.
I.e. only one could choose pasta.
We love pasta.
The boys have no problem with pasta.
Some of us older folks wear pasta... I think you get my reasoning. ;)
This has helped me out a ton 
As I don't have to wrack my brain for new ideas all the time.
Once the menu is written on my calendar I can make my grocery list.
With grocery list in hand, 
The boys and I are able to conquer the list more quickly at the store.

I've tried to be detailed as I know some of you want the specifics.
(I'm one of these types myself) =)
Please let me know if I can share more.
What are you curious about?

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  1. Helpful tips! I have the same IKEA cart. Great minds... ;)

    1. Thanks, Krista! I love my IKEA cart. ;)


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