Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Prayer- An Opportunity to Commune With Our Best Friend

I have been contemplating prayer of late.
Answered prayer.
Unanswered prayer.
Why some prayers are answered quickly.
Why some prayers are answered slowly.

Fortunately for me, the Lord knows my thoughts.
Situations, messages from my pastor,
His still, small voice...
Have given me the answer my soul could receive,
An understanding I can cling to when the evidence that He hears feels distant.

A few months ago I began feeling frustrated.
I had a little, well, situation that I longed to see a breakthrough in.
I was trying to handle it on my own.
What did I need to do differently?
How did I need to handle this situation?
How was I to react? respond?

I tried.
No breakthrough.
And then I heard.
This was something to bring before the Lord.
Not generally, specifically.
Not once, but over and over and over again.

But why?
Can't the Lord see my heart, hear my cry,
And answer my petition?
Oh yes, yes He can.
Then why am I not seeing the breakthrough?

Because He loves me,
And He knows me all too well.
He knows that would I cast my cares quickly at His feet
And dart to the next task at hand,
Our conversation would be done.
My need for Him would have been filled,
well, at least until the next, 'situation.'

Again, He loves me.
That means, He wants to commune with me.
He wants to hear from me,
Again, and again.
And as I come to Him
Again and again
I get to know Him
And trust Him
And realize that He is what my soul longs for.

As I write this, I glance up and what do I see?
One of my all-time favorite quotes edged in the
Pretty flower frame it sits in.

His great desire
and delight is God;
and by desiring and delighting,
he hath Him.
Delight thou in the Lord,
and He shall give thee thy heart's desire,
and then surely thou shalt have all.
Any other thing
commit it to Him,
 and He shall bring it to pass.

R. Leighton

I must remember this.
I'm working on it. =)
He hears.
He delays that I might return to Him.
And, as I do, I find that He is my delight.

Because of Jesus,

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