Monday, April 15, 2013

Proverbs 6-

Up next in this Proverbs study is Proverbs chapter 6.  Once again, if you have not yet read about how and why I wrote out these devotionals, you can click here.

The Book of Proverbs

Proverbs 6

Reread Proverbs 6:17,19

So much harm can be done with our tongues. Let us consider what the Lord would have us do.

Read James 1: 26
Read Psalm 39:1

No sinful word, nor deed of wrong (wrong things that we do),
         Nor thoughts that idly rove (thoughts with no particular purpose);
But simple truth be on our tongue,
         And in our hearts be love.
                                             St. Ambrose

Let us all resolve (determine to do),- First, to attain the grace of SILENCE (to simply not talk all the time); Second, to deem (consider) all FAULT-FINDING that does no good a SIN (we must understand and admit to ourselves that when we find faults in others, we are sinning), and to resolve (be determined to do), when we are happy ourselves, not to poison the atmosphere for our neighbours by calling on them to remark every painful and disagreeable feature of their daily life (when things are going well for you be careful not to share too much as it may be hard for someone to hear that has had a rough day); Third, to practice the grace and virtue of praise (find the good in others and say encouraging things to them).
                                                               Harriet B. Stowe

Surrounded by those who constantly exhibit (show) defects (imperfections) of character and conduct (who they are and how they act), if we yield (give in) to a complaining and impatient spirit, we shall mar (spoil) our own peace without having the satisfaction of benefiting (helping) others.
                                                               T.C. Upham

Because of Jesus,

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