Thursday, May 31, 2012

Popsicle Time!

Have you heard of Zoku?!
It's the latest, greatest, popsicle-making gadget!

I love to find new ideas for healthy snacks,
so thought I'd share this one with you.


My husband received one of these for Christmas
and boy, have we been having fun with it!

As the weather warms,
a cool, healthy snack is just 10 minutes away!

Yup, it's that fast!
 This is a self-freezing unit so
once the unit has been frozen overnight,
simply pour desired juice into the mold,
and ten minutes later, you have three popsicles!
This can be repeated three times 
before the unit needs to be refrozen.
For those to whom math is not a strong point,
that's NINE popsicles in 30 minutes! Yeah!

At the next holiday I gifted my husband with these
storage containers.
This way we can grab our popsicles when we head to the pool. =)
Zoku Storage Case

This is not the cheapest gadget;
you can find them at William Sonoma for $49.95,
so maybe for a gift sometime?? =)
But the reason I write this little post is to 
throw out the idea for a fun,
and healthy snack.
We love to use Odwalla juices and smoothies.

Odwalla Nutritional Drinks only $0.40 ea at Kroger!

Healthy and delicious.

So just an idea as the Summer months approach. =)


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  1. I have seen the Zoku in stores and wondered how well it works. Sounds fun! We have been trying out different Popsicle recipes, Odwalla juices are a great and quick idea.


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