Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Prayer Night

Marriage- Our role as wives

Last night was a wonderful time of prayer as my friends and I gathered in our home and we prayed over our role as wives.  For those of you who were unable to attend, here is the outline we prayed through.

Thank God for our husbands.

Pray that we would truly respect them as men, as the leaders of our homes, as the father of our children, as the provider for our families.

Pray that we would love them in a way that they feel loved.

Pray that we would be their number one encourager, the one who believes in them the most, flatters them the most, cheers them on the most.

Pray for creativity on your part in your marriage.  That the Lord would reveal new and exciting things to add to your relationship to the unification, joy and pleasure of your marriage.

Pray for wisdom on when to speak, confront, discuss issues, and when to hold our tongues and speak only to the Father.

Pray that we would find our complete satisfaction, completion, acceptance from the Lord so that anything our husbands may give us will be received as an extra gift.

Pray that we will be quick to forgive and not let our minds dwell on the sins done against us.  But that with the help of the Holy Spirit we will seek peace and redemption in our marriage so that we can experience the joy that He desires us to share.

Pray for hearts that want to serve selflessly rather than seeking to be served.

Pray that we would be the wife our husband is anxious to get home to, boasts to his friends about, wants to grow old with.

Pray for our relationships with others, that we would safeguard our marriage and therefore only have relationships male or female that strengthen our relationship with our husband.

Because of Jesus, 


  1. Thanks for sharing the outline. So sad I couldn't make it; ironically Jon had to work late! lol


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