Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Prayer Night

Last Tuesday night was suppose to be my monthly prayer night.
I say 'suppose to be' because instead it was the day
Our unwanted visitor arrived.
Somehow the stomach flu has taken up residency at our house for a week now.
Oh lucky us!

Even though we were unable to share in this time together,
I still wanted to post my outline because of course,
We can all still pray whether together or alone.

Prayer Night: February 28, 2012


With our God- pray for your number one relationship, your relationship with the Lord.

With our husband- if you have one, this is our first human priority in relationships. Pray for friendship, communication, unity, reconciliation, creativity.

With our children- that we would have mutual respect for one another and good, open communication.

With our friends- thank God for the friends he has allowed in our lives and pray that the relationships we have with them would be an encouragement to them and ourselves.

With our parents- that the Lord would create a healthy relationship with them that is a blessing.

With our in-laws- again that the Lord would create something beautiful and a blessing rather than the curse the world jokes about. =)

With our employers/co-workers- for those in this situation, may the Lord use these relationships to bring blessings and peace.

Pray that we would glorify God in all of our relationships, that we would bring joy and peace into relationships.

Because of Jesus,


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