Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Reconciled Through Redemption

Reconciliation. Redemption.
We hear the words,
But do we really understand the weight they carry?

In my student's language arts program,
The topic of reconciliation has recently been explained.
Reconciliation simply is to make right.
In our Bible curriculum, the topic is on redemption.
Redemption: the act of buying back.

Going through these concepts have been so encouraging to me.
I love how the Lord has brought these subjects up
So that I can clearly connect their meanings to everyday circumstances.
My boys needed to be reconciled after a dispute.
I needed to be reconciled to them after the way I handled their dispute.
When we stopped to remember what that meant
(to make things right) we were all happier in the end,
Forgiving and hugging one another.

And then, redemption.
As we've been studying the fall of mankind,
How amazing to be reminded of God's plan of redemption!
He knew we would fail.
He knew we would sin.
He knew we would choose ourselves over Him.
But, He had a plan!
He bought us back with the shed blood of His Son!
We can now be reconciled to Him
Through the redemption of His Son.

Because of Jesus,



  1. Amen! Thank you for this word of truth and encouragement today :)

  2. Love this!! What a great reminder of what Christ has done for us :) xoxo


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