Monday, August 29, 2011

Pray With Me-

Last Thursday I was so happy to be able to open up my home for a time of prayer with friends. Because there were so many who were unable to attend who wanted to, I thought I would post my outline for the areas we covered in prayer that night. Perhaps you can grab this list and a chunk of time to call out to our God who hears, and lay your requests in His capable hands.

The topic for the night was prayer for the upcoming school year. May you be blessed as you pray for your children, their teachers, and all that God has in store for them in the next several months. He's ready to bless!

Psalm 116:1-2

Luke 11:9

Thanksgiving: for our families, marriages, children, children’s school environment, for God’s care and provision, His direction and strength.

Our Marriages: That the Lord would be in the center (guiding, leading, strengthening, and unifying). Commitment to one another. Protection over. Respect and support for one another. Thankfulness for the other’s roll. Enjoyment in.

Our Children: That our children would love God passionately, that they would be driven to have good character, be self-motivated to study and work hard. That they would understand the material being taught to them.

First Day of School: Excitement, peace in getting out the door/ getting through the day.

Teachers: Wisdom to teach students according to their needs, and to deal with daily situations that arise. Patience. Creativity. Passion. Joy!

Daily Logistics: Wisdom on how to manage the home the Lord has given us (laundry, cooking, cleaning etc). Creativity in meal planning.

Extra Curricular Activities and Friends: What to involve your children in/what to say no to. That our children would link up with friends that would be encouraging and positive influences to them.

Preschoolers/ Toddlers/ Babies: Wisdom on how to give them our time, energy, and love. That they would be content to self-entertain. Creativity to keep them happily entertained.

Families That Couldn’t Make It: Blessing on their families. All that we desire for our families, that the Lord would do so for them.

Because of Jesus,


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