Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Grace- I Fail, He Forgives!

I don’t consider myself superstitious.

I’d say I don’t believe in a jinx.

But why is it that whenever I dare say something, (usually a positive)

it comes around to bite me in the butt?!

I think I first noticed this unfortunate coincidence when

my kiddos were babies.

It seemed every time I would thankfully announce to someone that

the baby was sleeping well,

that night, he didn’t- bummer!

Or maybe thinking that my morning runs were becoming more effortless,

boom!- a hard run.

But the one most discouraging is:

my interaction with my kids.

I recently wrote about having access to the Father through prayer,

that we can seek Him for our daily needs and direction.

I even remember sharing recently with someone

the idea that I don’t have to take this parenting business so seriously.

What?! You mean I can roll with situations more often

and not take offenses personally?

Yup, this was kind of a new concept for me

and was really working! that’s why I said it.

But the downfall came when I acknowledged it. =)

Sure enough, the next day was a hard day for me.

I lost it. I hate to admit that.

I didn’t handle situations calmly and collectedly.

I wasn’t the example I am trying so hard to produce in my children.

It was just one of those blow it days.

But… His grace is sufficient for me.

For His strength is made perfect in my weakness.

2 Corinthians 12:9

Several years ago, my pastor at the time,

shared a life-changing message on, of all days,

Mother’s Day!

He shared that being a mother was not about trying to be the perfect one.

Rather it is the opportunity to show and teach the Lord’s grace.

Every time I fail I am able to show my kids the need for forgiveness

and my thankfulness for God’s grace.

I have been humbled but thankful

to have apologized to my kids and

share with them that my sin

is why Christ went to the cross and that

I am forgiven because He washed my sins away.

I am in need of Him!

His work on the cross is so personal to me and when I fail,

my kids get to learn that.

I wish they could learn this somehow in the midst of my perfection,

but since that hasn’t happened, nor will,

I am thankful that His grace covers my weakness.

I’m praying my boys will grow knowing

that when they fail,

they need only turn to the cross

and remember their sins are forgiven,

and strength to make good choices is

found in His sacrifice.

Because of Jesus,


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  1. that was beautifully said eunora. a constant prayer of mine is that HE will cover where i fall short.

  2. press on! his strength is perfect indeed, thanks for the reminder! xoxo

  3. That is a verse I need to have tattooed on my forehead. Thank goodness that we don't have to go through any of this alone.

  4. I hear ya sister! I feel like I learn something in my head and then God gives me the opportunity to prove that I've learned it in my heart. Some days I get and some days I don't. So, so thankful for grace!

  5. i pray the same thing for my boys!!!
    His grace IS sufficient.
    i'm your newest follower!

  6. Keep it up Momma! His grace and mercy is new every morning! So glad you linked up;)


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