Thursday, July 20, 2017

Too Much Stuff To Organize!?!

I had a great question last week in response to my last post on organizing. 
Here is the original question: 

I really like this, but I also realize that in order to do it I feel like I'll need to get rid of stuff too- to create the space to have the best things I actually use accessible. Do you have advice on simplifying in order to organize well?

In short, yes, there are solutions!
I have a couple of ideas I have used for situations like this.
First, if possible, get rid of stuff. 
Go through one room or closet at a time and remove stuff you no longer want or need.
Throw away stuff that is broken or no longer usable, donate, or sell the rest.

How do you decide what to keep? 
Ask yourself, do we really use this?
Do I really love this, does it bring me joy?
Now that you have decided what to keep,
You can now organize and containerize it! ;)
(I think I have a post about this! ;))

But what if you are keeping more than you have space for?
Store some for later.
I loved doing this with my boys' toys.
Periodically I would box up one of their collections:
LEGOS, blocks, cars and trucks, puzzles etc.
I would store them away in bins in a location with a bit more room:
Garage, closet.
With less toys around, the job of organizing them was easier.
Every few months or so 
I would trade out one collection of toys for another.
Can you imagine the excitement of seeing 'new' toys again?!
Yep! It was a good solution for us.

Also, a note to homeschool moms,
You can use this same idea with toys and activities throughout the day.
Store away small collections of toys and games.
Bring them out only during designated school times.
This helps bring excitement to the child when the 'new' activity is brought out.
And it keeps them from being bored as they are constantly being given rotating options.

Back to storing for later.
This can easily be done for anything you don't have space for.
Too many shoes?
Store your winter boots and covered shoes, leaving out only your spring and summer shoes.
Place them in boxes or bins and slide under your bed, 
An extra closet, or the garage.
You can do the same with winter clothes.
Rotate your closet to give you more space each season.

I hope this has helped!
I think the key is to simplify.
Remove as many items as possible
To allow for the most efficient way of storing and using your everyday items.

Feel free to ask more questions. I love brainstorming with you!

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