Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Let's Make Flowers!

Over the last year, it has been my pleasure
To create and give away NoriLynn Accessories!
I have had so much fun searching the internet
For new inspiration and tutorials.
Thank you to all who have asked for and wear
NoriLynn Accessories;
It makes my heart giddy when I see you wearing one!
As much as I would love to create a tutorial
For the different variety of flowers I have played with,
I simply don't have the time as school quickly approaches.
I thought I would release a few of my flower secrets to you.
Yup, I'm not as creative as some of you may think. (gasp!)
Most of the flowers I have fun making
Have come from the inspiration of others.
So please accept this post of tutorials
As the start to your own creative designs.
It's so much fun, so go ahead, get crafty!

I created the above design by using three 'rolled flowers.'
For a rolled flower tutorial click here for a tutorial.

Fabric Flowers
Here's another pretty flower.
This one has so much potential as you experiment with size and materials.
To make this cute flower click here for an easy tutorial.

DSC00615 512x384 Fabric Flower Tutorial #8  The Burnt Petals Flower

I love this flower. The more petals you add,
the fuller the flower, so go nuts.
Find out how here.

Well, there you have it.
I can fool you no longer.
I wish I could be
The hair accessory supplier
To all of you whenever
You have the desire for something new and fun.
But alas, I have a full life.
So have fun, and don't forget
To show me what you create!

Keep checking back for more tutorials!

Happy Flower Making,

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  1. LOVE THIS! burning the edges is how I make alot of the flowers in my shop. oddly, i find it relaxing to husband may not be as relaxed...i'm clumsy and he doesn't want the house to catch fire! LOL

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, i loooove anything that has to with learning more about Jesus...and then sharing it.



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