Tuesday, February 4, 2014

His Truth In Me

Question: What lies do I hear and believe?
I pondered this and this is what I heard:
The statements I hear within, I hear as truth,
But it is an ugly truth, not the truth He has for me.

And so I thought, what are these 'truths?'
And what does the Lord want to tell me about them?

And Jesus, in the stillness of my soul, spoke.
And what He said was beautiful...

When I tell myself...

You are impatient,
Remember that He is patient and His patience can flow though you.

You are harsh,
Remember that He is compassionate and can share His compassion through you.

You are quick to speak,
Remember that He is slow to speak and can bridle your tongue.

You are frustrated,
Remember that He is peace and can work His peace in you.

You are loosing control,
Remember that He is in control and can be in control as you follow His lead.

You are harsh,
Remember that He is gentle, and can work His gentleness through you.

You are weak,
Remember that He is strong and will be your strength.

I have failed,
Remember that He is victorious and will be victorious in you.

As I pause, in the moment I hear these voices,
And listen carefully for His truth...
As I relinquish my control over myself,
And allow Him to fill me...

I will walk in truth, because it is His truth in me.

Because of Jesus,


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