Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Praying For the School Year

Every year at the beginning of a new school year,
I love to gather with my friends and pray.
Pray for the upcoming school year.
I need prayer.
Our school needs prayer.
And so we pray,
Over everything we can think of concerning school.

I love walking away from that time
Knowing we are covered in prayer!

Although this year it came a week after school started,
In the midst of very full schedules,
We prayed.
And it was good.

Many expressed the desire to join us
And yet were unable to for one reason or another.
And so I am posting my outline for you.
I hope that it blesses you as you bring these topics
Before our gracious and capable God.

Prayer Night-

September 9, 2013

Psalm 116:1-2
Matthew 7:7-8

Thanksgiving: for our families, marriages, children, children’s school environment, for God’s care and provision, His direction and strength.

Our Personal Walks with Jesus: that we would always remember from whom our strength comes from and constantly be connected to the One who leads, guides and sustains. That we would carve time out with Him and be in constant communication with Him.

Our Marriages: That the Lord would be in the center (leading, guiding, strengthening, and unifying). Protection over. Respect and support for one another. Thankfulness for the other’s roll. Enjoyment in.

Our Children: That our children would love God passionately, that they would be driven by their desire to glorify God to have good characters, be self-motivated to study and work hard. That they would understand the material being taught to them.

Teachers: Wisdom to teach students according to the students’ needs and to deal with daily situations that arise. Patience. Creativity. Passion. Joy!!

Daily Logistics: Wisdom on how to manage our homes the Lord has given us (laundry, cooking, cleaning, appointments). Creativity in meal planning.

Extra Curricular Activities and Friends:  What to involve yourselves and your children in and when to say no. That our children would link up with friends that would be encouraging and positive influences to them.

Preschoolers/Toddlers/Babies: Wisdom on how to give them our time, energy, and love. Patience with them and patience from them. Creativity for keeping them happy and busy.

Families That Couldn’t Make It: Blessing on their families. All that we desire for our families, that the Lord would do so for them as well.

Because of Jesus,

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