Friday, June 7, 2013

Proverbs 9-

Here is the next in our Proverbs study.
These are short devotionals through the book of Proverbs.

Proverbs 9

Reread Proverbs 9:10
Read Psalm 16:7
Read Romans 12:11

Mine be the reverent (feeling or showing deep respect), listening love
         That waits all day on Thee,
With the service of a watchful heart
         Which no one else can see.
A.  L. Waring

Nothing is small or great in God’s sight; whatever He wills becomes great to us, however seemingly trifling (unimportant), and if once the voice of conscience tells us that He requires anything of us (when the Holy Spirit tells us what we must do), we have no right to measure its importance (we can not determine whether or not we think it is important). On the other hand, whatever He would not have us do, however important we may think it is, is as nought (nothing) to us. How do you know what you may lose by neglecting this duty, which you think so trifling (unimportant), or the blessing which is its faithful performance (obediently doing what He asks) may bring? Be sure that if you do your very best in that which is laid upon you daily, you will not be left without sufficient (enough) help when some weightier occasion arises (when you obey in the daily things the Lord gives you, He will bring help to you in the more difficult tasks that are asked of you). Give yourself to Him, trust Him, fix your eye upon Him, listen to His voice, and then go on bravely and cheerfully.
                                                               Jean Nicolas Grou

Because of Jesus,

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