Thursday, February 2, 2012

Toddler Activity- Water Play!

Tuesday mornings, for my toddler, is water play day.
Why? First, because it is another activity that he enjoys and keeps him busy.
And secondly, it's the day I wash linens and towels, so clean up is a snap! =)

Fortunately, I have a sink in my laundry room.
For quite awhile water play looked like this:
I spread out towels on the floor and set up a stool.
I fill the sink with water and supply a variety of toys
And/or bowls and kitchen tools.

However, I began noticing a disinterest for this activity.
So, I thought of this modification:
I found some various bottles around the house,
Filled them with colored water (food coloring),
Poked holes, if needed, into the lid,
And whalaah! Once again, he was having fun!
He squeezed yellow water, pumped green, and poured blue,
Allowing the rest of us, once again, to get a little math done.

I must constantly fight the urge to become discouraged
When something isn't working, and instead
Seek our Heavenly Father for wisdom and new inspiration.
He is faithful to help!


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