Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Prayer Night

for those who could not join us for 'prayer night', I wanted to post my outline so that you could pray as we were able to. I took the gals through a method I love to use when praying and yet don't do as often as I'd like. Praying through the Tabernacle is just one method of prayer but one that covers all areas. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the Tabernacle, it was God's dwelling place in the Old Testament before the temple was built. It was a visible representation of His presence with HIs people. As we move through the tabernacle, we stop at each station to pray in specific ways.

Praying Through the Tabernacle

Thanksgiving: The Gate. Psalm 100:4

Praise: Courtyard. Praise the Lord for who He is and for what He has done. Psalm 135:2-3

Confession: The Brazen Alter of sacrifice. Psalm 32:5

Sanctification: . The Brazen Laver. Wash with the water of the Word. John 17:17

Ministry: The Golden Candlesticks. Pray for ministries you are aware of. Revelation 1:20

Personal Petition: The Table of Shewbread, a picture of Jesus, the Bread of Life. Pray for your personal needs. Matthew 6:11

Intercession: Alter of Incense. Pray for the needs of others. 1 Timothy 2:1

Worship and Fellowship: The Holy of Holies. Psalm 95:6

Because of Jesus,


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