Thursday, July 28, 2011

Safe In His Hands-

My baby has not felt well this week. Seeing (and hearing) his discomfort pulls on my heart. He is still at a tender age where his communications skills are still developing. His cries and pleading eyes beg for help but lack specifics. They produce sympathy and concern, but also confusion on how to offer a solution. As I stood, cradling and rocking my wee one, I was reminded of my good God. He is my heavenly Father who sees and cares when I suffer. He too desires to hold and not only be the source of comfort, but also something more than I could offer my little one, He is the solution. He may not always take away my trial, but He does promise the peace of His presence in the midst of the trial. As I bounced my baby up and down, up and down in my arms, inducing peaceful sleep, I was reminded that God holds me in in His hands and that when I focus on Him, I can enjoy the rest and peace that comes from who He is.

Because of Jesus,

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  1. Praying he is feeling better. Sorry I viewed your blog days after you writing it. Soon , Nana will be there to hold that precious one. Mom


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