Thursday, June 7, 2012

Real Marriage

I love reading a good book.
Novels, biographies, my kids' history books,
and even a good 'self-help' book.

One of my latest reads was 
Real Marriage
by Mark and Grace Driscoll

Real Marriage

This was a great book on marriage.
Why? Because as the title suggests, it's about 
the real side of marriage.
Of course we all want a fairy tale marriage,
you know the part where 'they lived happily ever after.'
However, that is rarely real.
I have a real marriage, the kind that has
ups and downs, joys- sure, but also
struggles that have made me grit my teeth and 
wonder how are we going to learn to work together.
So, if I'm going to read a marriage book,
I want it to be real.
I want real answers to my real problems.

This book did not fail in providing Biblical truth
to the God-designed gift of marriage.

Some of my favorite take aways from this book:
seek to have a 'face-to-face' relationship
not just a 'shoulder-to-shoulder' one.
What is that? 
Read the book! =)
Your spouse is your standard.
Read the book! =)
Sex is not a god, nor is sex gross,
sex is a gift.
Want more details?
Read the book? =)

Lots of good stuff to pray through and consider.
I was informed, convicted, and encouraged with this
gift, Mark and Grace have given us.

Because of Jesus,


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